Hi! I am Monika Chutnik

Hi! I am Monika Chutnik

I help global leaders and teams grow so that they can better lead their teams and cooperate in virtual and international environments.

I imagine that’s the way to help move the world on! 🚀☀

Although I’ve been in this field for almost 20 years now, it really started making sense when I started my own training business, back in 2009. Now, I am working on ways in which I could make even more impact 🎯🌊 My portal and podcast with professional best practice for leaders and change agents in Polish has been very successful, and here I am making the next step to make it even more approachable to English speaking audience. Anyway, I take both as an experiment… and am very happy to see what it brings 😊

My company ETTA is a boutique training business, where a bunch of international trainers, coaches, and consultants provides top people development services. Just like myself, the team helps global leaders grow and lead their teams in virtual and international environments. We are experts in intercultural communication, online productivity, and mental resilience. We work remotely for groups from all over the world, designing and delivering trainings, workshops and webinars in English, Polish, and German. Happy to welcome you as a Fan or a Client!

When it comes to my personal portfolio, I first worked in several corporate businesses, then many top international companies became my Clients, just to mention the American Hewlett Packard, IBM, INFOR or Becton Dickinson, German Viessmann, VW Bank, Swedish VOLVO IT or IKEA Industry, French Capgemini or Indian-Belgian ArcelorMittal. Hungry for insight and growth, I have myself been putting many professional hats on, and now I work as a Trainer, Diagnost, Coach, Speaker, and Consultant.

My mission is transforming human and cultural diversity into team outcomes. What I love about my work is meeting extremely bright people… and the fact that these lovely people do make things happen!

I work in Polish, English and German, I designed and delivered virtual trainings or workshops for leaders from all continents, and previously also face to face in a dozen countries, let me name them here: Poland, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Spain, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Latvia, Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Croatia, USA, and Morocco.

My specialities are helping smart leaders grow, managing across cultures, international cooperation in virtual or hybrid setting. If your organization needs support in these areas, feel free to contact me via LinkedIn or just go directly to ETTA Leadership & Culture.

And if you want to learn even more about me, check for detailed info on my personal chutnik.com

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